Description from BU archives:
Bridge of Fate is a large Capture the Flag map set in a moody cavern. The 2 bases are divided by a large canyon that runs through the middle of the map. There are 3 bridges that cross this canyon, one of which is broken, but the gap can be jumped over. The bases feature an enormous hall with sky-high pillars and a few other, smaller rooms. There is virtually no z-axis gameplay here, apart from the Flag room and the area in/around the canyon.

Another version of this map, made for Bombing Run, is BR-BridgeOfFate. That version is mostly the same, but the CTF version’s side rooms around the pillar halls are not walled off in the BR version.

Bridge of Fate was the first Capture the Flag map introduced in the UT2004 demo version. Unlike the later CTF-FaceClassic, it never got too popular.


Remake of the UT2004 map with importation of bsp part and some meshes (bridges/pillars/giant roots)
ToDo:Lot of adjustements on rocks; meshing on ceilings; some triming here and there


Bastiaan ‘Checker’ Frank for the original map
XtremXp for the converter
SebastienNova for static mesh importation and several other things
Thrallala for the lava material
Odedge for the flags meshes & materials
the UOF crew for support, help and betatesting



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