6 to 12 players


A medieval castel on a big rock ; lost in the space close to the Orion’s Barricade
Remake of the UT99 map from bsp import & resizing with UT3 materials.
Gameplay, scaling,Music & item placement identical to the original version.


-todo :triming ; decorations; botpathing & sounds
-lighting; texturing; layout & gameplay quite finished


*Cliff Bleszinky for the original map.
*XTremeXP for the converter.
*The UOF crew for feedback,help & motivation.
*Remus for his planet pictures pack.
*Sebastien NOVA for the clouds material & mesh and for his help.
*Lord PorkSword for the Hubble Textures “addaptation”.
* for their sky pictures.
*My family for their patience and betatesting…
*Epics for the tool.




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