A small arena for duels.Lot of Zaxe action .

Conversion of the bsp part from DM-1on1-Metus by Raffi_B.

Changes from the original:
add a jumppad to replace the “dodge ramping”(not possible in UT3) on the inclined wall facing the sniper spot.
new visuals, music & sounds.


original description:“The Metus refinery was known to its workers as being the most desolate, bleak, and
soulless environment imaginable. Located on a small island in the middle of the
vast ocean, there was no communication with the outside world. Workers would spend
their entire lives there, often going insane from the incessant hum of rusty machinery.
There remain now only two workers, and one emergency escape pod. Only a fight to the
death will determine who will be free from the torture of Metus.
The floors have been swept of bones and blood. The machinery has been cleared.
The weapons have been unpacked. Fight for your escape.”

modified UT3/2010 version:After been totaly destructed by an earthquake this old arena was reconstruct to do experimentations on the lava magnetic energy.


-Original Author: Raffi_B (DM-1on1-Metus/UT2004)thx & respect for his kickass layout.
-XtremXP for the converter
-Thrallala for his lava material & texture and for his help on lighting & polishing the map
-Sebastien NOVA for his fogsheet texture & material
-The UOF crew, especially Stevelois; Sebastien NOVA & Achernar for betatesting & support
-My family for betatesting and for their patience for the space picture
-Some textures from HourIndusX texture pack.(Hourences)
-Epic for the tool







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