Description:3 scrappers in the stratosphere;low gravity Z-Axis old scool map

Comments:remake of the 2004 original morpheus3

After 4 years of hard battles on Morpheus3 the {BFG} Troopers have conquer the map…some old fighters have decide to “take some holidays” and to change their artillery for building tools…The explosion of the main star of the Solaris system is the cause of a suddent temperature elevation and a cooling system was installed.The three towers have been empressured to protect the installations.

Changes since last final:
-music bug fixed(loop now and u can set volume)
-lot of visuals changes
-jumpad reset(u cant hurt structure anymore)
-lighting rebuild
-map “converted” to additive mode and fps optimized

Credits: thx to the{BFG}Clan, Special thx to Nova, LordPorksword, Diesalot and my wife for help and betatesting;thx to ‘’ for the sky textures and materials; thx to XtremXp for his converter tool;and last thx to the original author



on Filefront



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