Name: DM-Solaris

Version: Final

Compatibility: PC&Patch3 ; PS3

2 cubicalrooms open on a high small chapel ;all that on a large arena …Z.Axis old style map!!…. it allows players to do long & far shots through the structure from one side to other….

This old Temple was built in Sun adoration on a satelite of the main Star in the Solaris system….Since the Sun has entered a cycle of gigantic eruptions the system has been deserted by all kinds of life… But now the Liandri are in control of new cooling technologies and have enclosed the temple within protective static barriers. Pressurized and cooled with the latest nitrogen Freezers, the Liandri now use the place for tournaments…though….the star’s fusion point is not far…..


Credits: Epic for the tool..Fragtastic & Odedge for feedback .
Special thx to Lord PorkSword for his help on preview pict; botpathing; ps3 cook & support






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