————————- Map ————————-

Map name : DM-UOF2-NapaliKeep Map game type : DM / TDM Version : 1.0 Date : 15 March 2011 Players : 6 to 20 Requirements : UT3 + Patch 2.1 + Titan Pack

————————- Author ————————-

Author name : Eric “Bl!tz” Rigard Country : France Homepage : Email : Forum :

————————- Story ————————-

Originally built by the Nipi monks to lock the access to the ShangriLa walley on the high NaPali moutains, this fortress was revamped by old mercenarys and crusaders in a peaceful monastery when the region was unified. The monastery was abandonned when a close sun have enter in eruption.Using the Skaarj technology the berserk is directly powered by the sun. The Liandri have decide to bring the place to the Tournament.

————————- Map files ————————-

DM-UOF-NapaliKeep.ini DM-UOF-NapaliKeep.txt DM-UOF-NapaliKeep.ut3 DM-UOF-NapaliKeep_LOC_int.upk

————————- Author notes ————————-

-Berserk: A loud thunder sound annouce that the berserk amp is available.The sky red mean that is was taken. -SuperHealth:When the superhealth is available a bell is ringing for some seconds, if the amp is grabed the bells stop.

Release date: March 2011 Publication in the UOF second mappack in April 2011.

————————- Special thx, credits ————————- for the space picts. Sebastien NOVA for the kismet double damage anim, the fogsheet and for his help. Rulaman for the nice Sword. Epic for the soundtrack (source:Unreal). Thrallala for his help on the flag anims. Odedge for his help on the colored pattern & on the jumpad emitters. Stevelois for the dual enforcer tuto & for his help on textures and materials. LordPorsword for his touch on hubble pictures. A3DAsylum for the tiles texture. The UOF crew for the help, feedback, motivation & frienship especially Lord Porkword, Odedge, Rulaman, Stevelois, Thrallala, 1xtreme, Sebastien Nova, Diesalot, Achernar, BarBalls, Cupcake & Rathalos. Epic for the tool. My Wife and my children for their help, betatesting, support & patience.

————————- Legal stuff ————————-

Unreal® Tournament 3 ©2007 Epic Games, Inc. Unreal is a registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

I have spent a lot of time developing my map, so please ask me permission before doing anything with my map or using any of my custom stuff from my map in your own works and WAIT for a yes/no. It is customary in the mapping community to give credit to the source of any custom resources that you use, so including me in the map’s readme credits for any of my resources used is appreciated.

My map is for personal use only; you may not create derivative works based on that map without permission; you must include all files in the original package whenever you distribute the file and you may not remove or modify any copyright information in any of the files.





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