Beta3 PC only & ps3 when final

2 to 16

Lost somewhere on the DeepSea: DemeterIsland, this old place was originaly built to test the SunWarriors bravoure.After the Skarj Conquest of the Solaris System; they transformed it to a fighting arena; the original temple is now a refuge and the bridge still a nice place to impale your opponent…

A huge circular Arena “on” a small long canyon with a river at the bottom;some waterfall falling from gigantic rocks through a luxuriant vegetation … bridges… a little temple and….a river
Z-Axis old style map…”flying monkeys” & “sniper addicts” paradise

This is my third ut map ; i have built it for my wifey ;
we lived 8 month on reunion island in the indian ocean….waterfalls ,rocks & sea….
….thats why i changed the name….impalement bridge was a bit too violent lol

big thx to Zedmaster for the music on demeterday and big thx to original author for “twilightBO” music on demeternight

Changes & To do:
Changes from Beta2:decoration adds ,botpathing revisted;new lighting and some minor changes to the gameplay; i have add some weapons and 2 jumpads;adjusted all what was pointed to me (particles,weapons & meshes) and hav add some blocking volumes

-still have to adjust some meshes & to add new ones to hide some bsp parts(lighthouse & rocks corridors)

-still to finish the sea visuals

-last “adjustments” on lighting

all comments; advices & feedback are welcome


Download Night Version

Download Day Version


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