10 to 32


A low grav map built for vehicles use in 4 “worlds”:
-a “respawn/teleporter” plat-form; a spaceship/cannon ; a satelite and a large ruin


A peacemaker cannon was built to “pacify” a carceral planet (jail planet) under total rebellion by killing all the population;first shot was the last; the blast of the explosion was so powerfull that the planet was pulverised but it have burn the electronic parts of the invasion army (drones) aboard the cannon station ;the space ship commands are out of use too even if all the enginery system and the reactor is still functionning
after some years of decontamination ;the cannon still in perfect order of use but have found no application because all the electronic around becomes unstable
the liandry use now this place for tournaments


The map was “build” for free vehicles use & space fights; it seem to be a big deal to get a coherent botpathing on the vehicles in space mooves; but they use well the cannons.

Changes since last beta:

-now all the respawn points are on a…..4th world which isnt really a “full level” but more a “bridge ” betwwen the 3 “maps” ; there u can choose where u want to “land” after respawn ;dont be scared if u start a match with lot of bots :they ll fight on that “bridge world “first but only some bullets because there s a queue on portals…than they moove on “worlds” to fight

here s where drives you the portals:
red teleporters: jail ruin
green teleporters: satellite
blue teleporters: spaceship

-backed the external color of the spaceship to “all white”

-reset the skylight up

-add some custom sounds

-modified & adjust several textures
Botpathing is actually totally dumb and it s the current wip


Zedmaster for the music ;Hubble 3d for the sky ; all the unreal old friends




-add blocking & death volumes around the map (map limits)
-collision issues with central ring on one side on spaceship
-add 2 lifts on the satellite and 1 on the space ship
-add custom sounds
-botpathing on satellite & spaceship
-meshing on spaceship & satellite
-jumppads to adjust on satellite
-set collision or add blocking volumes on some little space ships
-kismet sequence to get the big cannon firing and hurting everyone on the space ship(30pts health)…no damage on ruins and satellite and 10 seconds to escape the spaceship from headquarter room (2 portals there)
-find a way to get the vehicles working in TDM
-find a way to get blue team and red team respawn points on same part of the map (wars between worlds)
-find a way to get coherent botpathing in the space on spaceship mooves

other ideas:

-build a map pack with 4 independant maps (dolmen arena; spaceship; jailruin & satellite) + a huge map with the 4 in 1
-addapt the map to VDOM…lol…Vehicle domination…if it have interrest of course
-built a VCTF version with one base on satellite and the other on spaceship

theses are only far projekts for now except the map pack that seem logical the other ideas are alpha and i ll only do it if i have good feedback on the ideas


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